“Come and See!”

St. John’s is a small, friendly church located near State Street in Belvidere, IL. Our goal is simple: we want to show God’s love through worship, community and mission.
Worship: We have two services – one Saturday evening and one Sunday morning. Rev. Muriel Morley Jahn, our pastor, is an enthusiastic and excellent extemporaneous preacher. We are also blessed by our pastoral associate, Beth Carson, who fills in wherever needed when she is not doing her Parish Nurse duties. Our services are neither overly traditional nor contemporary – we worship focused on God, Christ and neighbor; looking to scripture and connect to current issues in our homes, community and world. Our excellent organist and Minister of Music, Mary Albrecht, as well as our fine choir director, Jeanne Anderson, ensure a melodious worship.

Community: St. John’s is involved in many areas of local life, including the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts; County Food Programs and Habitat for Humanity. We are also open to suggestions of other ways we can impact Belvidere and Boone County. Our church community is vibrant: Cornerstones, the Women’s Guild and Fellowship Circle, as well as the choir, and other year-round events, provide numerous opportunities for people to get involved (and have fun at the same time!)

Mission: In Belvidere, we are working hard. Also recently, we have established a relationship with a seminary in Sri Lanka, a nation trying desperately to rebuild after decades of civil war. We are also very involved in supporting the dedicated men and women serving in our armed forces. We show God’s love by demonstrating it through service and compassion.

Everybody is welcome to “come and see” all the ways God is working at St. John’s!